Discover The Top Features Of Shopify POS For Your Retail Store
Published: July 11, 2022
Top Features Of Shopify POS

The ability to keep your sales integrated within one dashboard is essential if you sell online and in stores. This is where Shopify POS comes in. With this Shopify POS app, you can keep track of all your store’s sales in one place, no matter what channel they originate from.

Shopify POS aims to bridge the seller-buyer gaps, creating effortless sales strategies and revenue generation for online businesses. However, the question is – how does the app make this happen? Let’s dive in to know what the Shopify POS is and how it’s beneficial for you as an online merchant. Furthermore, let’s discover how Shopify POS works with online stores making them more profitable.

“After its soft launch into the eCommerce sector in 2005, Shopify branched out to the retail domain as well in 2013. This evidently shows the popularity of Shopify and how merchants prefer such a seamless platform to scale up their business.”

What is POS & Why Do You Need It?

“More than 100,000 merchants use the Shopify POS option”

Every retail store has certain fundamental activities that need to be fulfilled and Shopify POS, aka, Point of Sale is a management system that efficiently helps your online retail stores to simplify the processes of checkout, payments, customer service, and inventory tracking. Thus, becoming a necessary element to complete your transactions smoothly.

Shopify POS (Point of Sales) allows you to manage your store and build relationships with your customers across different sales channels so that you can sell better, manage your store, and gain maximum sales & retention. With advanced technology at your fingertips, the POS system can manage inventory, track sales, monitor staff, collect customer details, and help to predict customer behavior. 

The service is typically a combination of hardware and software, resembling a typical cash register!

When is Shopify POS Recommended?

Making your store more accessible, getting more customers from around the globe, and thus, achieving better visibility is not an easy task. Shopify POS simplifies part of this process by letting you manage your in-store sales effectively. The app makes running your business easier, more efficient, and more profitable with its reporting and analytics tools, inventory management, and eCommerce integrations.

Shopify Facts from Three Aces

The POS system needs to have the ability to manage and navigate your entire product catalog. So, it’s essential to integrate one that proves reliable and efficient. With its wide array of features and benefits, Shopify assures an effective POS solution for you. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. By using the app, you can create a smart selling point where your customers add products to the cart & make payments. Additionally, all this can be handled just through your smartphone or tablet!

Generally, Shopify POS is recommended in the following scenarios:

  1. New eCommerce and retails
  2. Multichannel retailers
  3. Cross channel selling

Here Are The Stellar Features of Shopify POS:

1. Omni Channel Selling

You can monitor all the activities happening within your store via a single dashboard – your Shopify account. If you have staff members, you can provide them with unique pin numbers so that each activity under them can be monitored by you. Thus, your managerial capabilities are enhanced with Shopify POS and cash flow will also be easily monitored.

In particular, this is advantageous for omnichannel sellers as it might be hard for them to keep track of activities otherwise. 

2. Smart Inventory Management

Since all of your orders on the Shopify POS will pull from the same products that are in your online store, tracking inventory across all sales channels is much easier. Having product inventory sync between your store and online store avoids the issue of accidentally selling something online that is actually out of stock in store. In addition to this, by using the free app Stocky (made by Shopify for POS merchants) you can take regular counts of inventory in-store to make sure your inventory is up to date. 

Stocky will also facilitate purchase orders and you can set up low stock alerts so you know when to reorder. 

3. Reliable Checkout and Payment Gateways

Using the Shopify POS will help ease the entire shopping process. The Shopify POS has the ability to be used on multiple devices throughout your store. This means you can create a unique checkout experience in-store by having your staff take payments on the floor. This is especially helpful if you plan to have events in the store like a popup sidewalk sale. 

4. 24*7 Customer Service

Whenever there’s trouble in accessing any features of Shopify POS, the support line is always open. The tech support is open through the mail, phone, or chat options. The responses are quick and friendly, which implies you can easily fix the hurdle that you face. Email support may sometimes take more time, up to 24 hours to get back a response. Often, the discussion forums also become handy and useful.

5. Effective Reporting and Analytics

There are various analytics tools offered by the Shopify POS such as the Shopify Analytics dashboards, product reports, and options to generate data spreadsheets containing details about sales, orders, and customers. The product reports will give you insights into which product performs well. Easy tracking!

6. Smart Marketing Solutions

To make successful customer relations and thus, more revenue, you should create your network around them. Social media is often the right tool to do this. You can meet your customers wherever they are and present your products to them. By using the Shopify POS, and marketing efforts that you promote for your online store will automatically apply to sales on the Shopify POS. For example, if you set up an automatic discount for a specific collection of products online when any of those products are added to the checkout on the Shopify POS, the automatic discount is applied. 

Features of Shopify POS by Three Acres

What Are The Various Integrations of Shopify POS?

In general, Shopify POS offers two different systems depending upon your needs and uses. There’s a simpler version, known as Shopify POS Lite, and an advanced type called the Shopify POS Pro.

Shopify POS Lite lets you access the basic packages for managing orders and payments without any extra charges. Features include product QR codes, payment support ways, cash flow management, POS hardware, customized checkout, custom discounts, and more. You can avail almost all necessary features at minimal transaction fees from this Lite plan. Shopify charges $9 per month to access Shopify POS Lite. To level up, you can choose the $29 per month option of the Basic Shopify plan.

Shopify POS Pro is an upgraded version of the POS system with extended features. You can do inventory management, get shipping support, receive sale item suggestions, access sales reports, and make custom receipts in addition to the basic functions performed by the Shopify POS Lite plan. Shopify POS Pro comes at $89 per month, offering almost all support services 24/7!

How Does Shopify POS Benefit Your eCommerce Business?

The greatest advantage of Shopify POS is – it offers seamless integration. You can easily manage the sales through your Shopify store as well as Shopify POS. Synced sales will be highly beneficial in inventory management and you don’t necessarily require exclusive hardware or gadgets to keep track of your sales. In addition, your Shopify POS plan remains independent of your main Shopify store plan. This customization lets you allocate your budget as you desire and doesn’t throw a burden of trying to balance between Shopify store and Shopify POS payments.

Another unseen benefit of the Shopify POS, and maybe one of the most important, is that it reduces the time it takes to record sales in your accounting software. Often when a Merchant runs multiple systems and sells in multiple sales channels it takes a long time to reconcile the sales data. By using the Shopify POS alongside your Shopify store all the sales are in the same system, and this can drastically reduce the amount of time to collect the information. If you’re in doubt – ask your bookkeeper or accountant what they think!

The above benefits make Shopify POS stand out amongst other POS systems available in the market. Hence, over 541 companies worldwide use Shopify POS to manage their business. 

Here are some of the other benefits that Shopify POS brings to your business:

  • User-friendly app interface.
  • 24/7 customer support offering unhinged service.
  • Highly flexible POS system and features to meet all your requirements.
  • Diverse payment methods enable your customers to readily access your store and make payments without hindrance.
  • Easier ways to manage your store by providing free hardware under both Lite and Pro versions.
  • A wide array of additional apps in the Shopify library to enhance your sales strategy.
Three Acres helps in Shopify Migration

Integrate Shopify POS To Your Store With Three Acres

Finding the best POS that supports and enhances your business can be a tedious task. However, the Shopify POS makes it a lot easier. The app will help you to expand and flourish your business and marketing campaigns through upgraded technology such as live tracking and omnichannel integrations. 

“Shopify POS is an impressive tool that helps you achieve the growth path of your store.

Retail management can be made easier when the appropriate POS is installed. And, here we are, Three Acres to guide you to set up a Shopify POS. Our team of experts looks forward to expanding your business horizon incredibly!

Getting Started with your Online Store is Easy

Three Acres can take you from nothing, to your online store quickly and ensure it’s set up right for your business.

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