#BuildInPublic – Three Acres
Published: January 27, 2022

I’ve always been impressed by the leaders who are able to communicate why they are doing what they do. I completely believe that the reason for doing something, is more important that what you’re actually doing.

I’m equally impressed with leaders who are able to show you how they are doing it. Too often there is a black box that surrounds success. As a result many believe that some people have just “got it” while others don’t. This anxiety driven mindset, that you need to be perfect and your process is obviously broken is just plain silly.

Good things take time, have delayed rewards and are often very boring but they are still good, and worth doing!

Please join me as I attempt to build Three Acres in public. I wont be perfect, or have beautifully crafted social media posts – but it will be me, Brendan Quigley.

Where are we now?

To catch up with where I’m at now, you can take a look at the About Page. There I talk about the agency, how we work with clients and why I choose Three Acres to be the name.

Since launching I’ve been working hard on a few main things.

  1. Moving everything over to the new branding
  2. Setting up project management systems (to work with freelancers)
  3. Keep the revenue generating work going

I’ll be honest, as fun as it is to upload you logo to a bunch of different services like Slack & Google Workspace, it has been a challenge to keep the work going in the meantime.

Goals for February 2022

  1. Do Work Planning for Q1 & Q2
  2. Create a “sales funnel” for Three Acres
  3. Experiment with Social Media Marketing for Three Acres

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