#BuildInPublic – March Update
Published: February 28, 2022

February has gone by very quickly, to be honest I’ve been finding it hard to keep up with the day to day tasks. I’m very comfortable doing my own work, however a number of the new projects that Three Acres has taken on is requiring me to practice project management skills beyond my personal Bullet Journal. Practically speaking I’ve been trying to find the balance between doing the task or describing the deliverables (and in some cases, the method) so a contractor can complete it for me. Let’s just say lots of on the job experience is happening, and I’m very open to any suggestions for how to improve on this.

In addition to these growing pains, I’m finally digging in on things that I’ve left for a while. Most notably is the Shopify Experts Marketplace. I’m building out Three Acres’ profile and I’ve finally received a few leads that will help me get my first few reviews on the platform. I’m hopeful that this can produce regular Shopify specific work in the future.

Lastly, I’ve been speaking with a number of merchants about some pain points in the Shopify ecosystem that could be solved with a Shopify App. Creating an app has been a small goal of mine for a while, but I don’t want create something that doesn’t solve a real problem.

Project Updates

I’ve never summarized my ongoing projects like this. It’s kinda fun to see the numbers.

  • 4 Ongoing Retainer Projects
  • 3 Completed Shopify Projects
    • Including 1 New Shopify Site
  • 1 Ongoing Shopify Project
  • 1 Completed Klaviyo Project
  • 2 Ongoing Klaviyo Projects

Goals for March 2022

  1. Build out Three Acres Shopify Expert Profile
  2. Continue to Experiment with Social Media (Block of time each week, to create and post content)
  3. Explore the Shopify App Ecosystem