Build Your Brand Identity With Email Marketing
Published: August 18, 2022
Building brand identity with email marketing

What happens when your business’s resources are limited, budgets are tight, time is short, and conversions are needed? 

Email marketing, that’s what you use.

With today’s internet-first business and e-commerce, you are missing out on tons of opportunities to increase traffic, target high-value audiences, and reduce acquisition costs through email marketing. Because when it comes to marketing, your business can’t afford to ignore the value of email.

64% of marketers say their email marketing strategy has been effective for meeting business goals”.

Here’s why it is so effective for your Shopify store – Every time a customer registers/signs in their account on your Shopify-powered eCommerce website, they agree to receive regular updates from your store. Thus, building a strong connection with your business. 

So, what is email marketing?

In a nutshell, it is a brilliant strategy of sending marketing emails to your current and potential customers – to sell a product, educate them about new products, and keep them loyal to your store. You can segment your email list, send personalized emails, or email series to people based on where they are in the customer journey.

Email Marketing As One of The Keys to eCommerce Success

Even if your eCommerce store provides a good user experience and gets a decent conversion rate, most new customers hardly return. With email marketing, you can retain and entice these customers.

A Shopify Screenshot

Your Shopify store can benefit from email marketing in three ways:

  • Build Better Customer Relations – Build relationships with subscribers using targeted, relevant content.
  • Drive Sales – A good email marketing strategy keeps your users updated, brings them back to your eCommerce store, and results in increased sales.
  • Three Growth Multipliers – You can use email marketing to enhance purchase frequency, improve conversions, and increase average order value.

As per the Direct Marketing Association,  on average, email marketing produces a 4100% return on investment (ROI). That means, for every $1 spent on Shopify email marketing, a marketer can make a whopping $41 in return. Thus, promoting your content with email marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your website and nurture leads throughout the buying cycle.

Shopify Email Marketing Tips 101

87% of marketers leverage automation as part of their email marketing strategy.”

Shopify has a lot of features that make marketing much easier than any other platform. For instance, the email marketing feature, Shopify Email, allows you to choose newsletter recipients from the list of your subscribers, build your email templates or use pre-built ones, and schedule an email campaign. While there’s a lot to plan — from automation and design to social proof – where exactly should you start?

Email marketing stats

Well, here’s how you can use email marketing for Shopify to your advantage and grow your business.

1. Define Your Audience

Defining who your audience is, is the most essential part of marketing. Even before you get to writing your emails, knowing your target audience is an important part of the process. Your email marketing strategy will then be more likely to resonate with your audience, allowing you to monetize and grow your business.

2. Build an Email Marketing List

As a follow-up to the tip we just discussed, building an email marketing list is extremely important. Make sure to collect email addresses from the most engaged users as well as from your potential customers. You can do so – by adding a CTA at the bottom of the page or by adding a pop-up window that will prompt your visitors to opt into your email list. 

Thus, asking users to subscribe to your mailing list!

3. Send Out Killer Newsletters

An effective email marketing strategy requires companies to engage their audience in a compelling and interesting manner. This is why you should always try to be up to date on current newsletter trends and designs. Thus, speaking to your audience in a way they easily understand and are familiar with.

When creating a newsletter, use interesting visuals, like animated graphics while providing your subscribers with valuable information and content.

4. Include CTAs

Including calls-to-action (CTA) buttons in your emails is a way to increase engagement and invite users to your online store. Moreover, it’s a strategy of helping customers focus by highlighting some action points they can easily take. For instance, a button to – “Discover more”, “Shop now”, “Visit the site”, etc.

5. Check Email Deliverability Regularly

Monitor how many emails are sent to your online store’s subscribers and how many actually reach their inboxes. You can improve your email deliverability rate by making your email design responsive and mobile-friendly, and by allowing users to easily unsubscribe.

By creating an email marketing campaign using Shopify, you can:

  • Set up an email marketing activity
  • Change your sender’s email address
  • Customize your email messages
  • Customize and create new Shopify Email templates
  • Add express checkout
  • Add special characters to emails
  • Translate email content
  • Send or schedule an email

Benefits of Using Emails for Your eCommerce Store

99% of consumers check their email every day and it is by far the preferred way to receive updates from brands.”

As an eCommerce store owner, you can definitely not ignore these stats. And this is why it is important to develop a smart email marketing strategy. Here are the benefits of planning out the perfect email marketing strategy for your business:

1. Boosts Your Sales

Whatever your industry, each email can convert potential audiences into buyers and get existing customers to buy again. There are countless ways you can use to boost your sales, however, emails of abandoned cart reminders are the most effective.

Additionally, you can send weekly updates to bring your customers back to your store. Thus, driving more sales!

2. Easy Communication with Users

As a store owner, it is imperative for you to improve communication with your customers. When users feel they are connected with you on a personal level, they’re more likely to become loyal to your brand.

You can reach more of your customers, by easily communicating with brand ambassadors, and keeping your audience engaged, whether it’s a slow or busy season.

email conversion funnel by Three Acres

3. Generating More Website Traffic

When you launch new products, restock items at your store, or have any other recent updates, how do you make your customers aware of them? Simple – you send out an email.

You can improve your SEO by sending traffic to your site with email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, you’ll keep customers engaged with your brand and your website. That’s why whenever you send out an email, remember to keep a CTA button leading to your website. More the CTA’s, the better the traffic!

4. Easy to Track & Automate

To enhance brand awareness and boost sales, you’ll be required to know how your campaigns and marketing channels are performing. Well, it’s effortless to track and measure email marketing results.

Further, email marketing services make automation a breeze, whether you use pre-made sequence templates or create them yourself. Whether it’s one email sequence or hundreds, email automation helps to scale your business significantly.

5. Proper Segmentation

84% of the marketers use email for segmentation purposes.”

Getting the right message to the right audience is very important today. A proper segmentation strategy can increase sales and prevent business loss. When it comes to email marketing, you can segment with ease on most platforms.

Thus, delivering only the required content to the specific set of people every time.

6. Increase Brand Recognition

By consistently providing valuable content to your audience and keeping them updated on every recent activity in your store, you can help them anticipate your emails and recognize your brand.

You can also send brand identity surveys to get useful feedback on your brand.

7. Optimize Time & Budget

Time and budget constraints are common issues for most businesses. Fortunately, the price associated with email marketing usually starts out low, with affordable plans that increase as your email list and company grow.

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level!

It’s easy to get caught up in the intricacies of creating a successful email marketing campaign. However, with the right email marketing tool, you can not only create brand awareness and enhance revenue, but also communicate with your customers on a personal level.

getting brand noticed with Klaviyo

Klaviyo’s cutting-edge data science automatically generates predictions for lifetime value, optimal send time, churn risk, and gives personalized product recommendations. The software’s real-time reporting allows you to track email campaigns so you can go down the sales funnel more efficiently.

Want to get the most out of your eCommerce store? Integrate your Shopify store now with Klaviyo. Connect with the three acres team to know more!

Getting Started with your Online Store is Easy

Three Acres can take you from nothing, to your online store quickly and ensure it’s set up right for your business.

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