8 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales Instantly in 2022
Published: May 3, 2022

When it comes to gauging sales online, using Shopify as your eCommerce platform has a great advantage on its own. There are numerous ways in which you can generate more sales for your store. However, upgrading your Shopify store with beneficial apps can become a real game-changer in 2022 with a strategic approach. Whether it is through more conversions, improved customer service, or appropriate inventory management, Shopify offers the best apps possible to make your numbers grow.

The list of trending apps keeps changing every year. However, a little basic research can help you understand and invest in essential apps that can make a huge impact on your online business.

Each store is unique and may have different goals and objectives. A close analysis of the top apps of 2022 will help you pick out the most useful ones for you. Some may be free of cost whereas others might charge a basic cost that is negotiable, considering the benefits you will reap. Since there are hundreds of apps in the Shopify app library, here’s a quick list of the top Shopify apps that you can integrate into your eCommerce store and their main features.

8 Stellar Shopify Apps That Can Drive Your Revenues Exponentially

Shopify app library is a goldmine when it comes to getting apps to level your Shopify store. A boost in revenue can be achieved not only through retention rates and conversion rates, but by offering an effective user experience on the store website, improving the loyalty of the clients, enhancing the customer service, and much more. 

While addressing these factors one by one can take up a lot of time, automation seems to be an easier and more efficient option for you. So, read below to find out the best apps that can be utilized at various stages of order placement and delivery at your online store.

1. Klaviyo

What makes Klaviyo unique and super-beneficial in improving customer relations? It helps in SMS and email automation to enhance user experience. This is done by consolidating all the historical data related to your customer interactions in the online store.

Often, you may find it difficult to curate thousands of personalized messages for each and every segment of your audience. Yet, to address the issues of cart abandonment, cart reminder, etc. you require to pick out every single customer. Klaviyo makes this easier and further motivates your customers to return back to your store.

Top features of Klaviyo:

The power of email marketing has been the talk of the digital town for quite a long time. While a few find emails spam and unnecessary, most expert marketers strongly believe in the traction that a strategic email marketing campaign can create. Hence, you must definitely consider Klaviyo for your rescue in email and SMS marketing.

  • Seamless integration of historical user data.
  • Easy automation of SMS and emails for marketing campaigns
  • Create personalized messages for a better user experience
  • Receive benchmarks to compare your business within your niche

2. Govalo

Rewarding your customers is an innovative and efficient method to improve your customer retention rates. Most customers wish to gift redeemable cards to their friends or loved ones if they are satisfied with your online store. So, it’s important to open up such a feature through your Shopify store.

Do you feel it to be a complicated task to keep track of a gifting option? Well, Govalo can help you out without much trouble. You can allow customization and let your audience choose how they want to access a feature-rich gift card. This is a great way to promote the trust factor amongst your customers.

Moreover, you can enrich the brand outlook of your Shopify store by providing a premium experience. Looking from the business end, gift card analytics will help you understand the popularity of different gift options so that you can improve upon them.

Top features of Govalo:

  • Customers can create and send gift cards easily
  • Receive insights about store credits
  • Issue gift cards in bulk or whenever a product is out of stock

3. Junip

As an e-commerce store, your business can reach greater heights only if you align your services to your customer expectations. And, what better way than tapping into the customer reviews to understand what works and does not work for your store!

Whatever your products are, Junip is a review display app in the Shopify library that helps you get beneficial reviews from your customers. With Junip, you have two major options to engage your audience.

Primarily, you can feature the best reviews that you’ve received on your homepage to attract your visitors. This increases your brand value and sets your brand right in the business game. Secondly, you can request your customers to bestow your store with positive feedback.

Top features of Junip:

  • Best display of brilliant customer reviews
  • Integrate media as reviews
  • Automated approval of reviews

4. Checkout Promotions and Upsells

Do you wish to activate your brand awareness through smart revenue-generating strategies? Well, what if your customers themselves are excited to tag along with them! Check-out marketing is a lucrative option through which your store can offer a gift to the customer post-purchase. 

The gift cards might often be in the form of coupons or redeemable vouchers from your own store. Sometimes, you can upgrade your marketing game by adding checkout promotions from other partner stores; this is an easy and effective method of cross-promoting one or more stores in Shopify.

To make checkout marketing and upselling more efficient, Shopify has an interesting app called Checkout Promotions and Upsells. This app simplifies the process of offering checkout upsells with just one click. The chances of boosting your revenue are higher with single and multi-product upsell offers with the app.

You can easily attract your customers for further purchases with the One-Click Upsell feature on the app. It includes more than 20 trigger rules which initiate the upsells, hence it’s a highly promising app to stimulate conversions for your store.

Top features of Checkout Promotions and Upsells:

  • One-click upsell
  • Involves flexible and powerful rules for upsells
  • Track analytics to evaluate the performance of the promotions
  • Generate creative promo ideas

5. Rush App

One of the biggest challenges for an e-commerce store’s customer support these days is to keep your customers updated about their orders. Customers can get very excited before they receive their order. However, manually responding to each request can take time away from you, the merchant. That’s where the Rush App has its own significant role to play.

Instead of responding to a dozen of emails about order inquiries, this app tracks the order at every point of shipment. Real-time updates can be sent to your customers so that they remain informed at each step.

Besides, the app provides a useful lookup integration for packages with top delivery partners like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and many more. The Rush App is simply the best because even if there’s a delay in delivery, it doesn’t break the anticipation of the customer. On the other hand, it motivates and educates them during the waiting period.

Such a smart approach has been found to further benefit businesses in generating more leads and conversions.

Top features of Rush

  • Real-time tracking of orders
  • Detailed information about order shipments
  • Helps to deal with late-delivery hassles at customer-end

6. WeGlot

If your store targets only a particular audience belonging to a certain geographic or cultural aspect, then running it might be easy enough. But, if you wish to incorporate multiple languages to promote exclusivity, then there’s the need for store translations. Working this out manually involves a massive technical input as well as takes up a lot of time & money.

The WeGlot app can resolve this issue by helping to translate your store instantly. It covers all the essential notifications, alert messages, check-out details, and more with professional translations.

The customizable language of WeGlot is well-responsive to your UI design. The biggest merit of using the WeGlot app lies in translating your metadata as well with perfection. Even after the desired translation, it retains the intuitive dashboard and interface, without loss of generality. If you need new languages, they can be added quickly, too!

Top features of WeGlot:

  • Quick & easy translation of your store
  • Totally retains your UI-UX design
  • Get professional translations for your website metadata
  • Add new languages easily
  • Customize translations for segmented marketing 

7. Termageddon

Running an online store has its own set of legalities that you need to ensure right from the beginning. Safety and security are inevitable since today data breach is a concerning factor among consumers. Compiling an all-inclusive privacy policy for your online store can be nothing less than a challenge with the changing legal scenario.

To assist yourself in the legal framework, Shopify supports the use of third-party websites for a privacy-policy generation. And, one of the top service providers among them is Termageddon. This is not a complete Shopify app per se. Yet, it’s a smart and efficient choice to construct your store privacy policy.

The remarkable feature of using Termageddon is you benefit from the service of the best legal experts available. Listed even by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, this website is a trusted source to achieve compliance from time to time. The well-organized system of Termageddon has licensed attorneys to incorporate any latest updates in the web policies. Thus, your store will be protected from lawsuits and fraudulent behaviors without much room for worry.

Top features of Termageddon:

  • Auto-updation of the privacy policy, end user-agreement licenses, etc.
  • Real-time assistance from experienced legal experts
  • Constant monitoring of changing legal framework
  • Quick and comprehensive setup of the store privacy policy

8. Instafeed

Improving store aesthetics is an impressive way to pull in your audience. Today, Instagram is one of the most-sought social media platforms with more than a billion users. So, expanding and gaining your customers through Instagram seems to be a smart hack if you have a visual-appealing product.

However, curating your products with a relevant and trending Instagram algorithm can take be challenging. Even after strategic content curation, you may not know how to integrate an Instagram feed into your Shopify store. 

Instafeed is an app available in the Shopify library, exclusively to gauge Instagram through your store website. The main objective will be to showcase minimalism and visual elements while offering social proof for the brand. You can schedule posts, discover new content ideas, create a feed that is responsive across devices, and a lot more.

Top features of Instafeed:

  • Video-audio content for aesthetic Instagram feed
  • Content ideas to make your store visually appealing
  • Save time by scheduling and planning content
  • Feature popular content on the store homepage

Boost Your Revenue Margins Today With Shopify App Library

The versatile nature of Shopify makes it the best-preferred platform to run online businesses. By offering a holistic customer experience, your store will surely attract more audiences within a short time period. 

If you’re wondering about ways to promote your sales massively, then this guide will be sure-shot assistance for you. Are you planning to upskill your business to an online store? Well, our team of experts from Three Acres can help you out with our valuable service to migrate as a Shopify store!

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