Shopify Store Tune Up and Best Practice Improvement Recommendation Report

Cars go in for a service, but when was the last time you serviced your Shopify store? If you’ve added apps, changed themes, added products, etc in the last 12 months your store will 100% benefit from our Annual Tune-Up and Best Practice Recommendation Report.

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How to Grant Klaviyo Access
What Are The 9 Areas Of Opportunity?

There are 9 Areas of Opportunity that will be reviewed

  1. Backend Settings
    Shopify is always changing, and the Shopify settings pages hides a number of real benefits for merchants. Even if your store was setup only two months ago, there are hidden gems waiting to improve you customers buying journey.
  2. Analytics
    When is the last time you looked at your anayltics page to help make a decision? While we all like to see how much we’ve made over a specific period, the anayltics page contains real decision making data that can help you shape your online store and improve your bottom line.
  3. Discounts
    How many discounts codes does your store have right now? How many should it have? What’s an automatic discount? Discounts aren’t for every store, but the discount options built into Shopify can make a big difference when it comes to your next sale event.
  4. Sales Channels
    Sales channel is a huge opportunity for any store but only if they are set up and integrated properly.
  5. Apps
    Shopify Apps can do a lot of good by adding functionality to a Shopify Store. However, they can also do a lot of bad by breaking or bloating the code and slowing down a store. Not to mention they might be charging you for features you’re not using.
  6. Theme Design
    The theme controls the front end user experience. Reviewing that it is displaying your products properly, allow customers to find products easily and not preventing customers from learning the answers to their objections is really important.
  7. Communication with Customers
    Do you make it easy for your customers to find the answers to their objections before buying your products? How are you making this easy and how are you communicating to them?
  8. Klaviyo (Campaigns and Automations)
    Klaviyo is the best eCommerce email and email automation platform. Klaviyo’s deep integration with Shopify make it the go to platform for many merchants. Leveraging Klaviyo’s features is often one of the easiest quick wins a store can action.
  9. Essential SEO
    While the goal of this Report isn’t to answer every SEO question, there are a number of essential SEO factors that should be considered for every store.

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