Our Results

Here are a few success stories from our Merchants.


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Riley Street Art Supply

Riley Street Art Supply

Riley Street Art Supply recently encountered a challenge in keeping customers informed when a particular product was out of stock. To address this issue, Three Acres offered a customized solution by implementing a system that displayed contact information only when the product was unavailable. This allowed customers to easily reach out to the store and inquire about restocking or similar products.


By incorporating this improvement into their larger project, Riley Street Art Supply is focusing on making incremental improvements to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their operations. With Three Acres’ assistance, they were able to provide better communication to their customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and improved business efficiency.

Home & Decor

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Stony Lake Furniture Co

Stony Lake Furniture

Stony Lake Furniture, a home furnishings and interior design company, needed to set up an eCommerce store quickly after their previous provider closed. Three Acres helped by integrating the retail POS system and Commerce store to streamline bookkeeping and product management. They created a Shopify online store and integrated the Shopify POS system in-store, transferring data and importing product information and images efficiently. The result was a fully functional online store that seamlessly integrated with the in-store POS system, allowing customers to shop easily and the company to manage inventory efficiently. Shopify and the Shopify POS system made the process smooth and straightforward.

Food & Beverage

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Smoothies Go

SmoothiesGo + Marche BIO

SmoothiesGo, an e-grocery store in Montreal, started as a smoothie delivery service before expanding with the help of Three Acres. Three Acres implemented a custom feature for customers to select their preferred delivery date, and SmoothiesGo now offers online grocery delivery and a recipe blog that drives sales and engagement. This successful online grocery store adapted to changing market conditions and customer needs with Three Acres’ support, evolving from a subscription-based smoothie service to a hybrid in-store and online shopping experience.