Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about working with Three Acres.
How Do Payments Work?

All projects are invoiced 100% upfront.

What's Your Availability?

We work Monday to Friday from 9am – 4pm EST.

Evenings and weekends are reserved for a families with the exception emergencies situations for monthly priority support customers. 

What's Your Hourly Rate?

All of our projects are quoted with a fixed fee and the scope is clearly defined. This way you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

What Is Your Process?

Over the years we have created a simple but effective three staged process for our projects. Plan, Develop then Review & Revise.

Each stage of the process allows for input directly from the Merchant allowing us to catch things early in the process and plan for it.

How Does Monthly Priority Support Work?

Monthly Priority Support offers Merchants quick, easy and reliable access to Three Acres for backend, frontend, design updates or strategy discussions. When a Merchant agrees to Priority Support, the Merchant shall pay Three Acres the agreed upon retainer amount and Three Acres shall bill against the retainer until the number of hours in Support Retainer is completely consumed. Priority Support starts at a minimum of 5 hours per month and is sold in blocks of 5 hours. Any unused time will expire at the end of each month.


A block of time starts at $800 CAD per month.

Do You Offer A Warrenty?

All projects come with a 30 Day support window where Three Acres is available via Email and Phone to answer questions, train staff and fix any issues that come up. 

How Can I Share Files With You?

The best way to share files with Three Acres is via Google Drive. At the beginning of the project we will setup a shared folder with you that you can upoad images, copy and any other required documents. 

Do You Create Content Or Copywriting?

Yes we can if you need it. If you’re project requires content creation make sure to bring this up early in the conversation. Content and Copywriting isn’t always part of every product.